Mom Rage Podcast

“A podcast for your best and worst selves” - Edan and Amelia candidly explore motherhood and all its facets. In Season 2 Episode 6 “Diving into water”, they take some calls from their Labia Hotline, and then, at about minute 35, they talk to me about my experience with postpartum depression.

Mom Like Me Blog

Amanda of Mom Like Me and I met one fateful day. On Instagram. Now, we are joining forces to work on research, resources, and advocacy to break down the barriers of our health system and get more moms the help they need. And deserve.

PPD Journey Blog

Check out the Story Spotlight featuring my very own PPD Journey. And while you’re there, you can read the stories of other people who have experienced postpartum mental illness.

Love What Matters Blog

Love What Matters featured my Postpartum Hair Loss story. This site is a repository for all kinds of different stories about life and relationships.