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Hair Loss: This Postpartum Body Series

My eyes flicked up to the mirror and caught, to my horror, a glimpse of my new hairline. “Oh my God!” I gasped as I frantically pawed at my hair, as if I could find those absent hairs hiding somewhere just out of sight. “How long has it been like this?!” I shrieked to my husband.

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Introducing: This Postpartum Body series

My goal here - to riff on the immortal words of Justin Timberlake - is to bring normal back. I am going to break it all down, using my postpartum body. Any pang of self-consciousness is not enough to keep me from helping to break down this illusion. Join me in normalizing normal as I highlight some of the common changes that we, as women and mothers, experience in our postpartum bodies.

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My Postpartum Depression Adventure: Part Two

It was like Aslan’s breath was bringing me - this stone cold Stepford Mom - back to life, like Dorothy seeing the world awash in color after being thrashed about in a monochromatic twister. All of those feelings I had known to be possible, to be true, rushed back: how my heart can swell with such joy and love at the littlest coo, the tiniest twitch of a smile, drinking in the sweet smell of my baby.

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The Birth of the Blog: This Postpartum Life

I mulled over this seemingly pretentious idea that I, who am not a teacher or picture-perfect Instagram mom or a labor and delivery nurse, was worthy to write a blog about this. But this compulsion to do something nagged at me: to start a conversation, to get out my story in the hopes that it could help one mom, or dad, or grandparent, or sister, or friend, or heck: me.

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